Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Rice Mash For Babies

Rice is a fundamental food in many cultural cuisines around the world, and it is an important cereal crop that feeds more than half of the world’s population. Rice is widely used grain for baby food also. It is considered as best food for weaning , as it becomes very soft after cooking. Also, it is easy to digest and no chances of gases in babies.
Rice Mash

In India, we also prefer giving rice water, which is left after cooking. This water is very rich in nutrients and vitamins, so we do prefer to give this water for babies or infants at home. Rice Mash is best food to start as first foods, we just need to mash cooked rice till the smoother consistency. You can add boiled water or milk to make it more soft or watery consistency.


2 tbsp rice
1/2 tsp. ghee
1.Wash the rice and add 3/4 cup of water. Pressure cook it for 3 whistles.
2.Remove from the pressure cooker and add the ghee. Mix well.
3.Mash it completely to make a smooth consistency. Serve lukewarm.
Rice Mash
Moong dal Water and Barley Water are another very Healthy Recipes as First Foods.

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