Monday, 30 March 2015

Apple Strawberry Puree

Apple Strawberry Puree is very tasty with goodness of apple and color of strawberry. It looks very nice and it is really tasty because of sweetness of both fruits. As Strawberries can be started to baby at little later like after 9 months, try this puree in 9-12 months stage.Strawberries are sharper in flavor than other fruits, so use a mild fruit like apple to tone it down. Milk provides calcium and strawberries supplement it with vitamin c which is extremely essential to strengthen your baby's immunity
Apple Strawberry Puree

I have started this puree after 1 year , so I directly add cow's milk. You can add boiled water or formula as needed. Honey or Jaggery is optional. Apple and Strawberries have their own sweet taste. Try to avoid sour Strawberries and use ripe ones.


1 cup peeled and chopped apple
5 to 6 ripe strawberry
2 tbsp milk
1.Liquidise the apples and strawberries together in a blender.
2.Strain to remove the strawberry seeds.
3.Add the milk, mix well and serve immediately.
Apple Strawberry Puree

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