Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Simple Dal Chawal

dal chawal for kids

Simple Dal Chawal Recipe, is very common in every home of India. It is not just for kids, but for adults too, is apart of any meal. Plain Dal Chawal means without any spices , just steamed rice with cooked lentils along with salt and ghee. Rice is the main first foods I started to give my children when they come at 6 months age. Rice is very nutritious and good source of carbohydrates to our developing baby. Also, it is very easy to cook and feed to baby. More advantages is, it can go along with any veggies and fruits to make porridges.

 For Dal, I used Tuvar dal , very good source of protein. I cooked dal and rice in pressure cooker upto 4 whistles. If you don't have pressure cooker, you can boil dal with water in pan as well. Cook dal till it becomes mushy. I don't prefer to cook Rice and Tuvar dal together, as their cooking time varies. Tuvar Dal takes little long time than Rice.

1/2 cup Rice
1/4 cup Tuvar Dal
1 tsp. turmeric powder
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. ghee/butter
1.Wash rice and dal separately 3-4 times to remove starchy water from them.
2.In pressure cooker, keep 1 steel bowl with rice and 1 cup water with little salt.
3.Place other steel bowl above rice bowl and put Tuvar Dal and 1/2 cup water with little turmeric powder into that. Keep the lid on this bowl.
4.Close the pressure cooker and cook the rice and dal till 3-4 whistles.
5.Once the all steam gone from cooker, open the lid and check if dal is nicely cooked. If it is not done, cook for 2 more whistles.
6.Once they are cooked, mash dal with masher and add little salt(as per taste).
7.Serve rice in plate and mashed plain dal on top of that. Put ghee and mix nicely to feed baby.
dal chawal for kids

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