Saturday, 30 May 2015

Papaya Puree

Papaya Puree

Papaya is very good for infants and can be start at 8-10 months. It is not only sweet and tasty but very nutritious also. It is good source of vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E. Papaya is good source of fiber and folic acid. Papaya also helps in digestion process of infants.

Papaya can also be useful in relieving constipation. Papaya has great texture and sweet taste and can be great baby food. When your baby is more comfortable with other fruits like banana, apple ,rice, then slowly you can introduce papaya more around 8 months.

These nutritional elements are very good for developing infants. Apart from Breast feeding , infants should get more nutrition from 6 months. So introducing more fruits like Banana, Apple, Papaya, Strawberry, Chikoo, Mangoes and many more is very essential.

Papaya Puree For Baby Papaya Puree
Papaya is very nutritious fruit for your baby and can be start at 8 months. It helps in digestion process of baby.

Prep Time:10 minutes

1 small papaya

1. Cut a small papaya in half, remove the black seeds.
2. Puree or mash the flesh of one half until smooth.

Papaya Puree

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